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Wine party

Menu No. 1

Hot Starter
"Halušky" - typical country meal made from potatoes with ham and cabbage
Main Course
Variety meat on the skewer, creamy baked potatoes, croquettes,
string beans with bacon
Pancake with fruit, ice-cream and whipped cream

Menu No. 2

Potato soup with mushrooms
Main Course
Beef goulash, delicious potatoe croquettes
Apple strudel with walnuts and whipped cream

Menu No.3

Cold Starter
Carved ham with apple-horse-radish and cucumber
Main Course
Roast duck in old Bohemian way, red cabbage, potatoe cakes
Round small pancakes with blueberries and whipped cream

Drinks for all of menu

Aperitif: Becherovka
Unlimited wine, beer, softdrinks

Folklore show of typical dances, songs and folk instruments

Restaurace U MARČANŮ    Veleslavínská 14, Praha 6, +420 235 360 623