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Wine party

Menu No. 1

Hot Starter
„Halušky“ - typical country meal made from potatoes with ham and cabbage
Main Course
Variety meat on the skewer, creamy baked potatoes, croquettes, string beans with bacon
Pancake with fruit, ice-cream and whipped cream

Menu No. 2

Champignon cream soup
Main Course
Beef goulash, delicious potatoe croquettes
Apple strudel with walnuts and whipped cream

Menu No.3

Potato soup with mushrooms
Main Course
Roast duck in old Bohemian way, red cabbage, potatoe cakes
Round small pancakes with blueberries and whipped cream

Drinks for all of menu

Aperitif: Becherovka
Unlimited wine, beer, softdrinks

Folklore show of typical dances, songs and folk instruments

Restaurace U MARČANŮ    Veleslavínská 14, Praha 6, +420 235 360 623