This restaurant is situated not far from the Prague Castle and offera entertainment mostly to foreign visitors. Typical czech meals and drinks are served here.

The wine is served from special glass pipes, which are used in the wine-cellars of Southern Moravia.

Our visitors can listen to folk music from different parts of the country.
Four musicians play all the evening. At the beginning of the evening the guests listen to traditional music. Then the „show“ starts- it means the program of Bohemian, Moravian, Slowak folk songs and folk dances gipsy songs and gipsy dance too.This part of the evening takes about 1 hour. The visitors have an opportunity to see typical folk-instruments, such as hammer-dulcimer, fujara (shepherds-whistle) and bag-pipe. Then after a break international music comes according to the wish of the guests, their nationality and their spirit (they can dance or sing etc.). At the very end, around 10:15 p.m. the visitors can listen to famous compositions of classical music, which were inspirated by folk music (Smetana, Dvořák, Brahms, Sarasate, Mozart, Monti etc.), if they are interested. Every evening is different according to the mood of the guests.

The party starts at around 7:30 p.m. and ends around 10:00 p.m.
The restaurant has 180 seats and is open almost daily
in the high season (1.4. – 31.12.) almost daily
and during winter season (1.1. – 31.3.) every Saturday

All guests are always welcome.

Folklore party - DSC_1652  kopieFolklore party - DSC_1649  kopie

Menu 1

Hot starter
„Halušky“ - typical country meal made from potatoes with ham and cabbage

Main Course
Variety meat on the skewer, creamy baked potatoes, croquettes, string beans with bacon

Pancake with fruit, ice-cream and whipped cream

Folklore party - DSC_1648  kopieFolklore party - DSC_1670  kopie

Menu 2

Champignon cream soup
Main Course
Beef goulash, delicious potatoe croquettes
Apple strudel with walnuts and whipped cream
Folklore party - DSC_1651  kopieFolklore party - DSC_1669  kopie

Menu 3

Potato soup with mushrooms
Main Course
Roast duck in old Bohemian way, red cabbage, potatoe cakes
Round small pancakes with blueberries and whipped cream

Drinks for all of menu

Aperitif: Becherovka
Unlimited wine, beer, softdrinks